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Your exercise data as art!

Your exercise data as art!

4.9/5 Facebook rating

4.9/5 Facebook rating

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About Us

"Sisu is a Finnish word generally meaning determination, bravery, and resilience"

Sisu - Your Exercise Data As Art

Celebrate Your Achievements

If you're like us, you train hard most days. We push our bodies, test our limits and as soon as we're done we feel an overwhelming sense of achievement.

What's left to do apart from share what we've accomplished with those who are close to us?

Enter Sisu…

Your Exercise Data As Art

Sisu turns your exercise data into beautiful and unique prints showcasing your achievements.

Whether you've just run your first 5km, spent 6 months training for a 100m charity ride or you've just smashed your PB on your commute, you can create an amazing print with Sisu.

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If you have any questions and would like to speak to us, our email is

The Team

  • Peter Roome

    Peter Roome

    Peter is our Developer. Sisu was an idea that Peter had whilst recovering from ACL reconstruction, to provide him with motivation as he regained fitness. Peter is an avid cyclist and has completed: London - Barcelona, London - Paris and Gothenburg - Copenhagen. Running has been a big feature of Peter's training too, as well as HIIT workouts in his local park.

    Sisu Print | Strava

  • Rob Barwell

    Rob Barwell

    Rob is our Designer, Strava challenge addict and wannabe Ironman. Having completed his first triathlon this year, it's the logical next step right? Hmmmmm. There's nothing he loves more than an unseasonal dip in a local pond or slipping into a little lycra number; even if the reason he does it is just so he can eat more cake.

    Sisu Print | Strava

  • Ben Albon

    Ben Albon

    Ben is our Product Manager. He’s a sports fanatic, and regularly described as 'competitive' by friends. Having joined an athletics club after a 15 year hiatus from racing, he has set his sight on running a sub-17min 5k before his knees give way. He’s also proud to have recently become a 'true cyclist' by owning more than one bike.

    Sisu Print | Strava | The Power of 10


Icons used on our website were created by Sandra Mills & Anthony Bossard.

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Pete Roome - CEO

If you have any questions about Sisu or would like to know more, you can reach us at: